About Us

Who We Are?

We’re a team that has been brought together by our shared love of building the perfect home because we know home is where the heart is.

As the heart of the home is the kitchen, we know it’s equally important to craft the perfect kitchen environment and cooking practices.

So, we’re using our expertise to help you get there. On this website, you’ll find answers to any and every question related to the kitchen and home management.

About Our Author

Jill Nolan

The wonderful, highly informative articles you read on this website all owe their existence to Jill Nolan, an avid enthusiast and certified expert of all matters related to home and kitchen solutions.

Jill has been with the team since the very inception of the site—in fact; she is one of its core founders.

Jill’s quest for the perfect home for herself and her family first led her to develop a keen interest in the topic, which gradually led to her pursuing it as a career option.

Her knowledge about the subject eventually led her to take up a job as a personal consultant in home solutions.

From there, Jill has come to develop a reputation that, every year, attracts hundreds of new homeowners and existing enthusiasts of home solutions looking for a professional opinion.

Jill is admired for the way she combines her systematic approach and cautious personalized solutions for each client’s unique situation.

However, Jill soon came to realize that a large number of the queries and problems she is consulted about all have very clear, straightforward answers.

Unfortunately, lots of new home décor and kitchen enthusiasts, despite their keenness, don’t have access to the right information.

And that’s when Jill decided that answers to such common, yet easily answered questions, should be readily and freely available. That’s what led her to the idea of starting this website.

Jill believes that a team effort would be most fruitful in bringing readers like you the answers they need. Accordingly, she decided to collaborate with trusted fellow kitchen and home experts.

She received an overwhelming response from like-minded individuals who agreed that consumers in the home and kitchen industry have a right to accurate information about the market.

You will see Jill’s personal experience with home consultancy shine through in every article you read. Yet each article has a unique personal touch that will also prove to you how important it is to Jill that you not only come away with the answers you need but are doubly inspired.

So, sit back, relax, and let Jill Nolan take the reins. She’ll lead you in exactly the direction you need to go to find the right answers to all your pressing questions.

What Do We Do?

Presumably, you’ve already scrolled through a few of the articles available on this website. If you have, you’ll notice that we produce articles on a wide range of topics related to home and kitchen management.

However, our main concern is to help you find the right products for your home and kitchen. Accordingly, you’ll see that we have a good number of comprehensive product review lists.

These are selected and reviewed by an exclusive team of analysts, experts, and home management enthusiasts with years of experience.

When we select the products, we’re going to suggest you; we have to bear in mind that each individual has unique needs. To that effect, you’ll find a large number of articles catering to all sorts of problems related to home and kitchen management.

Why Do We Do It?

We understand your need to organize, maintain, and decorate your home to your heart’s desire because home is the most important place for anyone.

It’s where we spend the most time, so of course, it has to suit our preferences, requirements, and comfort.

More importantly, we want to point our readers in the right direction. We understand the need for quality assurance and value for money and buying products that will act as your assistants in the kitchen and home.

How Do We Select the Products?

Generally, we organize our product suggestions into lists of 10. But the real selection criteria are based on the following factors:

  • Premium Choice – These are the high-end products we suggest to the high-income bracket of our readership.
  • Top Pick – The title reserved for the best available options for the market, taking all relevant factors into consideration, such as price, quality, durability, and unique features.
  • Best Value – The products we review for those of our readers who are on a budget but also deserve good products.
  • Best Budget – This is reserved for products that are of reasonable, mid-range prices, and offer decent quality.

How Do We Update Our Posts?

The market for any product is always evolving; as such, it wouldn’t be misguided for you to wonder what happens when newer, better products come along after we’ve already made our selections and put them into an article.

Usually, what we do in these situations is wait to see the reactions to the new product. We monitor how consumers all over the world respond to it. If we see positive reviews, we usually replace products of lower quality with the newer ones.

And if it happens that we’re unable to find sufficient quality products, that doesn’t mean we’ll still make a top 10 list just for the sake of it. Our goal is to inform you about the best products on the market, so that’s what we’ll do, be it in a top 5 review list or a single product review.

How Do We Make Money?

Good question! Living Indoor is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

If you buy the products, we link you to, then we receive a commission, and that’s how we make money.

However, there is sometimes a misconception that this leads us to writing biased reviews just for the sake of widening our scope of making an income.

If you read our reviews, though, you’ll see that this is not at all the case. We do our best to give you an unbiased, 360° view of each and every product we review.